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Brick Tuck-Pointing Services for Homeowners in Oconomowoc, Waukesha, or Any Other Nearby WI Community

Brickwork on a home is one of the most beautiful exteriors there is. Brick is beautiful, classic, and extremely sturdy. While brick requires less maintenance than the standard exterior materials such as wood or vinyl, it still does require some maintenance, especially when the mortar begins the fail. Most people don't know that even though stone and brick itself can last for over a century, the mortar that holds it together only lasts about 25 years maximum.

Once the mortar begins to crumble, the entire structural integrity becomes vulnerable. Faulty mortar allows water through, which can cause majorly expensive problems. Don't allow your brick to fail because of lack of maintenance. We provide professional tuck-pointing services to keep your brick structurally sound and always looking its best.

Brick Tuck-Pointing Services Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Tuck-pointing is a process where we scrape out old and ineffective mortar and replace it with new mortar. This revitalizes the structural integrity of your brick while also providing a sort of face lift for your brick. The fresh mortar will make it seem like the brick is brand new, making it look amazing and increasing the curb appeal of your home.

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